Review: Tomodachi (Ultimo)

After weeks of planning, finally Al and I could go out and watch a movie. It’s funny (and/or sad) how it can be more difficult to go on a date with your partner than to get an appointment with your GP.

We went to Hoyts Broadway and navigated through the fast-food counters to get some real food. Tomodachi, a Japanese/Korean restaurant like so many others in Sydney, looked good enough.

Thanks to the weather we were not in sashimi mode, so we ordered the Daifan sizzling BBQ beef, wok-fried marinated beef served on mixed vegetables. The “mixed vegetables” were mostly bean sprouts (which are not a vegetable, people!) and there wasn’t that much meat but it was tasty. The dish comes with miso soup and steamed rice.

Daifan sizzling BBQ beef

Daifan sizzling BBQ beef ($18.80)

We also ordered the Mayo salmon, advertised as crispy skin salmon, baked and served with citrus mayo sauce. Sounds good, no? The skin wasn’t crispy, and it lacked salt, but it wasn’t bad. A bit small for the price, though. This dish comes with miso soup, too (I guess all mains do).

Mayo salmon

Mayo salmon ($20.80)

A side of healthy kimchi rounded off the meal.


Kimchi ($4.00)

Broadway Shopping Centre
1 Bay Street
Ultimo NSW 2007
(02) 9281 6000

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5 thoughts on “Review: Tomodachi (Ultimo)

  1. hope you enjoyed your ‘date’. The meals were presented very nicely, well your photos made them look that way anyway, pity the salmon lacked, it does sound delicious.

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