Review: Iima (Haymarket)

My sister and I are going home for a few weeks. We scheduled a mandatory pre-trip Paddy’s Market visit around lunchtime as an excuse to eat out. A quick search in material and virtual guides narrowed down the options, from which we chose Iima. I normally avoid restaurants that offer more than one cuisine (Japanese and Thai in this case) but the good reviews were too compelling.

The restaurant is more like a pub “bistro”, where you order and pay at the kitchen and get your meal delivered to the table. It had a weird atmosphere when we were there, maybe because it was almost empty, maybe because we were in a pub in the middle of the day, maybe because we were in a pub and weren’t drinking.

A good blogger would have ordered dishes from both sections of the menu but I don’t pretend to be a good blogger. So we chose whatever sounded good to us, which happened to be two Thai dishes. If you’ve actually paid attention to what I write, you may know that I almost always order duck when it’s in the menu. This time it had a fancy name emerald duck but was nothing else than sliced five spiced BBQ duck with veggies. Please note that I don’t mean ordinary in a pejorative way, I’m just saying there was nothing unique about it. Having said that, the duck was great.

Emerald duck

Emerald duck ($15.00)

Our second dish was pla pad ped, sliced and stir-fried snapper with spicy wild ginger, holy basil, long red chillies, apple eggplants and fresh green peppercorn with sweet basil. The waitress warned me several times that it was very spicy. I guess she was trying to sell me some rice, which I declined. Still, the dish arrived to the table with steamed rice which was returned to the kitchen and reimbursed. The fish was great, very tasty, and not as hot as I was led to believe.

Pla pad ped

Pla pad ped ($18.00)

396 Pitt Street
Haymarket NSW 2000
(02) 8080 7727

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