Review: The Wine Plate (Newtown) – Closed

We’re in Lima! A couple of weeks ago, in preparation for our trip (that’s the excuse) Gladys and I had lunch in The Wine Plate, a newish restaurant close to the City Road end of King Street. What does it have to do with our trip? Well, the restaurant’s name is kinda misleading because it makes you expect standard wine-friendly fare but one day I actually bothered looking at the menu and realised they sell Peruvian and other South American dishes.

It turns out that the chef is Peruvian and apparently he has good experience under his belt. The waiter, however, was a very attentive gringo. When we arrived the restaurant was virtually empty, which normally isn’t a very good sign but the place looked good and so we stayed.

The Wine Plate


We figured out two share plates (entrées) and one main would be plenty for the two of us. The first dish was chicharrón, a twist of a very popular breakfast item of fried pork traditionally served with fried slices of sweet potato as a sandwich filling (yes, the sweet potato goes in the bread, too), with salsa criolla on the side. Here they serve it in a more refined fashion, on a small plate, with cute little forks, , topped with crackling slices and chilli jam on the side. It was tasty, and the chilli jam combination was good but we found the meat on the dry side and the crackling very chewy.


Chicharrón ($7.00)

Next plate was the duck ceviché [sic], again another personal interpretation of a traditional dish. Unlike the more orthodox version, this one was prepared more like a seafood cebiche, i.e. it was served cold and covered with a chilli citrus dressing, with the mandatory corn and sweet potato on the side, but in the form of purées. The duck was very tender and we enjoyed the dish a lot, but I do think the dressing was way too sour for the Australian palate.

Duck ceviche

Peruvian-style duck cebiche ($18.00)

The main we chose was one of my favourite Peruvian dishes, lomo saltado, which again was a chef’s interpretation of a classic. Instead of strips of beef stir-fried with thick slices of onion and tomato, this one is served as two medallions of grass-fed beef tenderloin (240g in total), with confit potato, eschallots, roasted cherry tomatoes, candied chilli and roasted capsicum jus. Classy. The beef was served medium-rare as requested and was absolutely delicious. Washed down with a glass of Argentinian red, it rounded up a very tasty lunch.

Lomo saltado

Lomo saltado

Lomo saltado ($30.00)

The Wine Plate
62-64 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042

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10 thoughts on “Review: The Wine Plate (Newtown) – Closed

  1. It does strike me as odd when restaurants with interesting menus hide their offerings under non-descript restaurant names! lol. The duck ceviche sounds intriguing. Will have to go and check it out soon!

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