Holidays in Perú (9 July 2012, Lima)

On Monday we had leftover beef stuffing with freshly squeezed orange juice and a boiled egg that our sister Gloria had made for us. That morning we had our mandatory dental checkup (we trust in our dentists so much that we schedule a visit every time we go back home), and after that we headed to the commercial district of San Isidro for some serious shopping.

But before hitting the stores we had lunch. With lots of businesses around, there are plenty of choices. After checking out some menus we settled in La Tienda de la Carreta, the budget version of the great steakhouse La Carreta.

La Tienda de la Carreta

La Tienda de la Carreta

They had some lunch specials that included a main, a drink and a fruit salad. As usual we ordered different mains and shared. The first one was a traditional Lomo saltado (stir-fried sirloin), one of my favourite Peruvian dishes (recipe here). Once I tasted the beef I realised we had chosen the right place to order that dish: the flavour was outstanding. I left the rice for Gladys and moved to the second main.

Lomo saltado

Lomo saltado (S/. 27, around $9.90)

Lomazo (literally big sirloin) was the restaurant’s take on lomo a lo pobre (sirloin, poor man’s style), served with fried banana, fried egg, and salad. The size of the beef chunk didn’t meet the expectations created by the name of the dish but its quality made it up for it.


Lomazo (S/. 28.50, around $10.50)

We were given sachets of mayo, ketchup, etc., but asked instead for something more appropriate: ajicito (chilli sauce).



The fruit salad was pretty average but the whole meal was really good value.

Fruit salad

Fruit salad

I had dinner at my aunties’ before going to the Buddhist centre: a large salad of lettuce, spinach, raw carrot and 1/2 avocado with 3 fried eggs, plus some almonds. Veggie goodness.

La Tienda de la Carreta
Av. Rivera Navarrete 740
San Isidro, Lima, Perú
(511) 442 2690
(511) 441 4742

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