Review: Blue Fig Cafe (Enmore)

I came back from Perú on a Saturday morning, after 20+ hours of flights and a 16-hour stop in Santiago airport. To say I was exhausted is an understatement. But I decided that it was business as usual. Bonnie picked me up from the airport and we went directly to Establishment 218, to stock up on meat. At home, I put some ossobuco in the slow cooker to make soup, unpacked my stuff, did my laundry, meditated, etc.

Later on the day my body decided it was time to get some rest and refused to make dinner, so Bonnie, Alvaro and I we went out in search for some food. We ended up in Blue Fig, a cafe on Enmore Road that seems to be fairly popular.

After discussing our options we decided to order three meals to share. We asked if our choices were gluten and dairy free and they had the chef talk to us about the options. Pretty cool.

Meal number one was the Steak house, a 300g grilled scotch fillet flamed with brandy, in a green peppercorn mushroom sauce, served with potato and seasoned vegetables. The sauce in our version of the dish had butter and wine instead of flour and milk. It was very tasty.

Steak house

Steak house ($19.90)

The second dish was a Grilled salmon fillet with vegetables, potato, and dill hollandaise sauce. Sounded great, and it was alright but very small.

Grilled salmon fillet

Grilled salmon fillet ($19.90)

The final dish was the Garlic chilli mixed seafood, pan-fried mixed seafood with garlic, chilli, basil & shallots, served with salad and garlic bread. We asked for no bread and the chilli on the side, because Bonnie can’t eat it, however the dish came with both. The bread was easily taken away but when Bonnie realised there was chilli in the sauce it was too late. The flavour wasn’t that great.

Garlic chilli mixed seafood

Garlic chilli mixed seafood ($16.90)

Blue Fig Cafe
Shop 1, 112 Enmore Road
Enmore NSW 2042
(02) 9557 7667

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2 thoughts on “Review: Blue Fig Cafe (Enmore)

  1. I always feel that fitting in a full day if you land early morning is the way to go to try and combat jet lag. 10 hours layover!!! oh wow :(

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