Review: Europe Grill (Newtown)

Alvaro’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago. He said he wanted something Greek, Mediterranean, or along those lines for dinner. I gave him a handful of choices, from which he chose the same place were we celebrated his birthday 3 years ago, the Macedonian restaurant Europe Grill. This place is in a corner of South King Street, very close to the unit we used to live in. We tried it based on good reviews I had read, and found it fantastic. It was about time for a revisit.

Most grilled dishes come with a complimentary cabbage and potato salad, dressed with oil and vinegar. Very simple yet a perfect side to the copious amounts of meats you’re likely to consume.

Cabbage & potato salad

Complimentary cabbage and potato salad

Bonnie and I shared the lamb cutlets, which came with 2 pieces of cevapi (grilled mince meat in a sausage shape), and the mixed seafood platter, with grilled calamari, octopus, fish fillet and prawns. The cutlets were not medium-rare as requested, but nonetheless delicious and tender. The cevapi were tasty too. The seafood was great except for the fish, which was terribly overcooked, and therefore dry.

Lamb cutlets

Lamb cutlets ($28)

Mixed seafood platter

Mixed seafood platter ($35)

Al had a huge plate of char-grilled calamari, which I tried and was fantastic.

Char-grilled calamari

Char-grilled calamari ($24)

Gladys ordered the Europe Grill mix: pork chops, chicken, 2 cevapi and pleskavica (a patty of mixed mince meats). The serving was massive and what I tried was delicious. She gave a good fight but was defeated by the size of the platter.

Europe Grill mix

Europe Grill mix ($23)

Other dishes ordered at the table were beef Strogonoff, chicken Strogonoff (??), Hungarian goulash with mashed potato, a soup with beans, and pork medallions wrapped in prosciutto, served with chips. Guess which one looked the most appetising to me? :)

Beef Strogonoff

Beef Strogonoff ($28)

Chicken Strogonoff

Chicken Strogonoff ($26)


Goulash ($22)



Pork medallions

Pork medallions ($28)

We were absolutely stuffed but it was a birthday and we had to have cake. I baked a whole orange cake based on Sara’s recipe, only that I used navel instead of blood oranges, and honey instead of sugar. The result was great. We brought some Gippsland double cream (51% of fatty goodness) to spoon on the cake.

Whole orange cake

Whole orange cake

Side note: if you have low to zero lactase production (most of us do after age 5 or so) and so can’t break down lactose in milk, you may be fine with real butter and high-fat cream (ie, made from cream only, with no added crap) because high fat means low sugar (lactose = sugar). If casein is the issue, then ghee would be your best bet if you want to do dairy at all.

I finished my meal with a Macedonian coffee, which is basically Turkish coffee, strong and thick. With all the food and wine I had that night, the caffeine didn’t work at all and I crashed heavily in bed.

Macedonian coffee

Macedonian coffee

Europe Grill
506 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9557 4217

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4 thoughts on “Review: Europe Grill (Newtown)

  1. This is the restaurant I go to the most, in Newtown. It’s filling, not fancy and very much the type of stuff I grew up on. The service is homely and I love that they always give us complimentary port at the end of our meal.

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